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The Best Hosting Services for Your Website

"TLDR: I use Bluehost.  Blue Host  is reliable, secure, affordable, and has all the features I want such as Wordpress, seo, and eCommerce tools. I'm also a Bluehost affiliate so by signing up here you will help support this site."

Free Web Hosts versus Paid Web Hosts

I make a lot of websites and it seems like I  am always on the look out for the best and cheapest of the bunch. Now, don't get me wrong - I like to build a lot of my sites on free web hosts as much as the next guy! But I do like to make sure some of my most important sites are running on a solid service. Reliable. Secure. Affordable.

Affordable Web Hosting Services

So when it comes down to finding a paid hosts there are only a few that make it to my short list. Only the most reliable, affordable and secure hosting services get me to open my wallet (digitally, of course) and part with real, hard earned money.

And easy to use. Did I mention that? Sure, I used to build websites in the "blind" old days. You know, the time when you coded with notepad, saved as html, then opened with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator in order to check your work and see how those browsers rendered your page. Then run your ftp client and upload into your source directory. Don't forget to set your file permissions! Fun stuff! Right? Not so much.

I'm not going to do all that again if I don't have to!

Wordpress integration

Now my affordable, reliable, secure web host has to offer easy and convenient web building tools. Want a Wordpress blog on your site? Just click a button from your control panel and your host installs it automatically. It's that easy! Blue Host offers a super convenient way to add Wordpress right into your hosting plan. It couldn't be easier to add a blog to your web site.


Want a shopping cart system? Click your button! Right from the control panel! Then customize away! No more coding, tweaking, customizing and crossing your fingers in case your code breaks something else. A good web host constantly updates your shopping cart system, keeping your site running smoothly while you concentrate on content. No programmer required. Isn't that what you want from a web host? Blue Host offers marketing tools that go far beyond a simple shopping cart system, too.  Blue Host has WooCommerce systems ready for you to use from day one.

Domain name registration

Another benefit of using a solid web host is domain name integration. Sure you can forward a domain name to a free web host, but that domain name will just point to the free web host's IP address, not your own. Getting your own domain with its unique ip address offers credibility to your brand. You want people to trust your brand, don't you? Then you need a domain name for your website. Blue Host offers a free domain name with most plans. That is just another convenience that is often overlooked by new web builders.


So you want security, too? I know I sure do. I once ran a website on cheap web host. Everything was going along fine then one day all of my traffic went away. I wasn't getting any visitors. What happened? I checked my stats and everything was flat lined. So I logged into my web host to discover that my site had been hacked! Me! Who would want to hack me?And how was that even possible? I had a paid web host - weren't they supposed to make sure that my site was safe?

Well they didn't. And they didn't care. All my work was gone. And I had to rebuild my website all over again. Don't let this happen to you. Make sure you use a web hosting service that care about your site, your security, and your up time like Blue Host.



Blue Host makes use of automated online back up services so that you never have to worry about hacks or mishaps! First off, Blue Host can automatically back up your website daily to prevent any loss of data. The restore tool is easy to use, allowing you to restore a backup in as few as three clicks! You can recover your files from daily, weekly, or monthly archives so you don't lose anything. Or you can choose to backup your entire site! And it's not just pages and folders - Blue Host allows your to backup your MySQL databases, too. That one was lawyas tricky for me - lose a database and sometimes you have to start from scratch. Not at Blue host! And you can even download your entire website as a zip archive and keep a copy of it in your own files!


Blue Host is an awesome web host with a solid reputation. If you are like me then you absolutely love trying new hosts and spreading out your domains and websites among the various services on the internet. This was always a good idea because in the old days of the internet sites would go down for unexpected reasons. Even though that is uncommon these days, I still like to keep my sites spread across a number of different hosting services. This is one of my favorites and I think you'll like them, too! Click the affiliate link below and try them yourself.

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